What is the return policy?
Answer :
2 year warranty no questions asked.
What is the difference between Titanium and Tourmaline?
Answer : Both tourmaline and titanium flat irons heat quickly, but the titanium material heats more evenly, without cold spots. Titanium also retains the heat better, allowing for faster styling
Does flat irons damage natural curly hair
Answer :
No, and as a matter of fact, when used correctly, a H2PRO professional tool can be safer and more beneficial to your hair than other brands found in stores. Because of the advanced technology behind our products, you will receive better styling results and achieve healthier, happier hair. Flat irons can be used for curling as will as straightening hair..
Are you an authorize seller of H2PRO Irons?
Answer :
Yes, we are a authorize seller of H2Pro products
How do I clean my flat irons
Answer :
Dab a small amount of rubbing alcohol on a damp, gentle material that won't scratch or damage your straightener's plates or finish - a microfiber cloth or paper towel will do just fine. Then, lightly rub the damp cloth onto your unplugged, unheated straightener to sterilize it. Allow your straightener to dry for a few moments, and then you're ready to use it. You don't need to clean it often.
I’m not a stylist, is it safe for me to use a H2PRO professional styling tool?
Answer :
Yes, H2PRO irons can be used by professionals and non-professionals who still want a professional style from the comfort of your home.